We continue to invest in new equipment, talented employees, and technology to improve quality and lower costs.


Schake Industries, Inc. was founded by Steven A. Schake in 1997. The company began operations as an industrial sandblasting and painting company, and has evolved to manufacture Spiral Aluminum Silos, Above Ground Storage Tanks, and a variety of Hydraulic, Lubrication and Pneumatic Systems. Our flexibility in meeting our customers’ needs has let us enjoy continued and controlled growth over the years.

Our History

In 2005, Schake Industries acquired a Spiral Aluminum Silo business from a local manufacturer. This acquisition included the Silo Roll Forming Machine and engineering drawings, along with miscellaneous equipment, and enabled us to start manufacturing these unique Spiral Silos. Over the years, Schake Industries has made manufacturing improvements to this product. Some of the major improvements include using high quality 5052 H32 Aluminum Coil, a continuous bead weld on the inside of the Double Crimped Spiral Seam (helping to prevent material hang-up points and contamination), and upgrading the bearings of the Silo Forming Machine to allow closer tolerances while providing much better crimping of the Spiral Seam.

In late 2010, Schake Industries acquired the assets, personnel and expertise of an above ground storage tank company. This acquisition complemented Schake Industries’ existing Spiral Aluminum Silo and Silo Services capabilities. Our experienced field crews and dedicated field equipment allows us to meet all of your Silo and above ground storage tank build and repair requirements.

Schake Industries was housed an industrial complex until 2013, when land and a modern 31,000 sq. ft. facility were purchased in Seneca, PA. This acquisition gives us greater future expansion capabilities, and has greatly improved truck and infrastructure access.

From its inception, Schake Industries, Inc. was envisioned to be more than a painting company. We continue to invest in new equipment, talented employees and technology to improve quality and lower costs, thereby ensuring that we can meet our customers’ business needs now and in the future.

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We are the manufacturer of spiral aluminum silos, above-ground storage tanks, and hydraulic lubrication and pneumatic systems shipping both domestically and internationally.

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Our skilled, experienced, and dedicated employees provide quality products and services that are second to none.

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Over the years, we have dedicated considerable resources to improving the manufacturing process, which has allowed us to offer a better product at a more competitive price.